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My royal badtness

First of all I want to make sure that it is well understood. I AM A BADT GUY.

If you are a Nigerian you probably know what I’m talking about. But for the benefit of those who do not understand who a “badt guy” is, he is the personification of “Near perfection”.

At this point a lot of you might be going all “this dude is so vain”(not that I care so much) but I’ll just help to put your curious thoughts to rest. I AM BETTER THAN EVERY OTHER PRODUCER! PERIOD!

(Did I hear a gasp) Sure I “Tuale” for the bros Cobhams, Don Jazzy, Jesse Jags, Sossick, frabz e.t.c but I too BADT.

I have been feeling on top of my game right now and it will take more than a cruise missile to shoot me down.

Next, ya’ll be asking “eh what’s giving this unknown so much guts”. Maybe it is the level of talent that I find around me EVERYDAY! First there is Chycopelli.

If there was ever a crown for an R&B freestyle king, it’ll easily go to Chike Uffondu AKA Chycopelli. This crooner has so much energy to his act…

We are working on a couple of singles at the moment.

Then there is Uzi quality. In fact I am not going to praise myself here. I’ll just post a link to his first single, produced by me of course.
Eko girls – Uzi Quality ft Young Smash

Then there is Adao. She has one of the most remarkable voices in the industry and a knack for hitting those impossibly high notes. I’ll post links of her songs as I write more post.

There is a smirk on your face. “is that all” you ask? Well yes and no. This is my first post. By the second if my resume hasn’t significantly improved, sue me.
A link to Adao’s music.

Going nowhere

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