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Five facts about 9ja super star.

This is technically not my second post so all of you folks who have their lawyers on speed dial, take a chill pill.

I just thought I should write about a very funny phenomena in 9ja. Superstars… We know them. From the D’banj, 2face, Kas et al. These aforementioned folks have money so I will not dwell on them. My focus is on the ones who just got paid a hundred and fifty thousand for a gig and are acting like Jigga.

Now there is nothing wrong with flashing oh! By all means be a stunner for all I care but do it with some discretion.

Five facts
1) Blackberry

I use one too. So this is not a general observation. A friend of mine(who is also a producer) told me about a femcee who came to his studio recently. She was going to be featured on a song and BINGO! She doesn’t utter a word to the dude featuring her. She was PINGING! Sure she has a lot of followers on twitter and a lot of people pinging her but FCS you are in the studio. To crown it she claimed that she couldn’t burst if the lyrics weren’t on her phone. WOW!

2) Night clubs

I go to night club when I get the chance and every once in a while I get to see some of our “superstars”. Funny thing is that they just seem to “not” know me. Not that I care. Only problem is that they can be rather obnoxious. I saw a dude who was owing me session fee popping möet. I had the decency to wait till he came back to the studio…
My producer friend also told me about a well known Eastern Mc who had a “fetish” for mai shayi during the day and at nights, popped the best champagne in the clubs. Did I mention that he owes the mallams regularly…

3) Videos

This is dedicated to just one guy. My guy shot a 2 million naira video in south africa. The song is WACK! Now I don’t know who to blame; the artiste or his management. I guess the management shook off the “jazz” the artiste used on them and dumped him like hot eba.
This goes out to wack artistes making videos, abeg come and record some songs in my studio. I need the money.

4) Swagga(the word)

Need I say more?

5)Terry G

Now this has nothing to do with the artiste mentioned above but the drones of copycats flocking into the industry walangoloing their way into every alaba mix you can lay your hands on. This is particularly annoying because none of these fellas have Terry’s talent or (excuse me) his “swagga”.


If you think this blog mentions you and you are offended then go and hug a transformer!

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    May 13, 2011 at 7:37 am

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