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Half man Half Idiot!

Imagine me oh! I promised that I’ll write more often. Not only that I’ve broken that promise, I broke it for a very lousy reason. I should be stoned(or flogged) for being so inconsiderate to people who live by my every word. I can imagine the agony of the wait(I’m feeling myself too much right?).

I have been busy chasing a misty dream in the guise of music while my peers have been pursuing more noble professions. Not that I’m saying that music making isn’t noble(oops I just said it), it’s just that if you are not making the “Tuface’ish” money it seems like an awful waste of time and energy. Many of my friends are either bankers(with outrageous monthly targets if I might add) or lawyers(ish) or doctors(I know two and they both rap by the way). Many more of them are currently employed at one firm or the other, making big bucks, while I sit in my studio daily, hoping the next beat is going to be my “Oleku” beat. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’m just wishing I had been a bit more sensible and taken up a normal job.

Come to think of it. I’ll really be better off with a normal 9-5. I fancy myself a computer genius and can envision myself working for a telcom company. I’ll have to work long hours and I’ll have to give up my nasty habit for waking up when it suits me(who’ll want that sef?). I’ll have to wear a tie everyday and answer to a very nice man called “Boss”.

Life can be all the more fun if I had chosen the normal route, just like my friends did. None of my friends work throughout the night(maybe with the exception of my telcom buddies) like I do. Does it matter that my nocturnal work usually takes place in nightclubs and GOSH! Who’ll want to do all that socializing I find myself doing with drunk people every now and then(I promise, I don’t end up being one of the drunks). Who’ll want his/her work place littered with naughty celebrities being themselves in the absence of an all seeing camera? And all those fine chickZzzzzzz… No, I’ll rather stay home, pressing my shirt and tie in preparation for the next day’s work.

I really fucked up. Now I have to make sure that I make a national hit song and have nasty scandals in the news to be very good at my job. I have to be in several countries almost simultaneously to get promoted and I’ll have to charge outrageous sums to upcoming artistes for beats. How else are they suppose to know that I am a very good badt guy eh?

I’ll have to live an idiotic life to excel at my job. Oh well. My name is Thompson Edolo and I am a confirm IDIOT!

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4 responses

  1. pootiecash

    badt guy mr smith… while u r at it makin music ur notes r gud.. do u have to make u wait so long.. take a cue from yinla write more often… IDIOT bin listening to ur uploads some gud stuff u have going wen we goin 2 hear all em on d stereo??

    July 4, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    • Thanks bro. I’ll try and write more often(I’ve made that promise before right?).

      July 5, 2011 at 9:44 am

  2. Doctor Paul

    Mr Smith, the only thing I agree with in what you just said is that you’re really a genius, a man whose mind knows no depths when it comes to creative thinking. One thing you should know is that on some level, you would be surprised that there could be some medical doctor who wakes up, sees you going to the studio and thinks to himself “I’m stuck here working long hours, putting in time that threatens to kill me, my patients may even die at my hands,my consultants will abuse the life out of me and call me a dunce, but that producer is his own boss, no pushing him around, no 24hour calls, certainly no people dying @ his hands for ‘failed beats’. If only my life were more like his.”

    Truly in this life, money is good and important, but it isn’t everything. Besides, everybody has his own path to follow and his own destiny to attain. It would shock you that had you done it any other way, maybe you would have had even more regrets than you do today. So keep the faith brother, lift up ur head with pride and smile, because I believe that with time the greatness that your destined for will surely come your way, and if this site is still up, u’ll look up this date that I said this…and you’ll smile to yourself.

    Oh yes…when better land abeg no forget your boy o! Holla!

    July 5, 2011 at 2:40 am

    • I feel you bro. Your profession is admirable but also VERY STRESSFUL. I’m on call 24hrs too though(Niteclub things).

      July 5, 2011 at 9:53 am

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