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The Other Side to Smith: Making money online.

The internet is a vast field. Daunting to the newcomer and engaging to the seasoned user. Most of us have had a brush with it, probably when we check our email or socialize in Facebook. The Blackberry explosion in Nigeria and the increase in the number of affordable broadband internet service has helped in providing ready access too.

There still seems to be a dark alley. The only people making good money off the internet are the “Yahoo boys”. This is such a shame because there are a lot of ways to make money, LEGALLY, off the internet. I often get asked how much can someone make off the internet. Short answer: A LOT. In truth, there really isn’t any limitations to what you can earn online.

I will not be going into specifics here, rather I’ll be giving pointers instead. Bear in mind that as with every business there are no “easy” or quick methods to Internet Marketing. It requires a lot of time, resources and discipline. That said, let’s get right to it.


This is probably the easiest to start internet business. Although it is probably one of the hardest to earn profit too. The problem is that you have to always have something on your blog that people want to read. In subsequent posts I’ll tell you how to find out what people find interesting at anytime.

You also have to have quality content. Visitors are more likely to return to your blog if your content is engaging. For instance I have been a regular visitor to The blog is deliciously built but more importantly, it has quality content. is another example of a blog with engaging content.

You have to be a consistent blogger. It really ticks visitors off when they visit your blog after a while and find nothing new to see. It helps to have a couple of posts lined up before you start your blog. That way you can keep writing without the pressure of having to submit something new.

As with every other kind of business you need to have a plan. In this case, you should put into consideration the amount of visitors you want to visit you blog each day. This usually translates to how much you will earn eventually.

There is a whole lot more involved in blogging. Google is your friend. Hit the search button if you want to find out more about setting up your own blog or you could wait for subsequent posts where I’ll go into details about setting up a blog.

Now for the crucial part. How do you actually earn money from your blog?

More on that next week…


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