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Sexy is GONE!

The other day, I indulged myself to some classic ragga and R&B from back in the days. It was such a sweet period in time when we had Diana King et al dictating the tune in every party. I remember how people used to have proper fun then. I was that kid that mimed in school so naturally I knew all the latest songs. That earned me cool points too. You will always catch me and my buddies singing along to Heavy D or Snoop Doggy Dogg… I miss those days jor.

One thing that struck me in my moment of reminiscence was the memory of how we used to dance back then. Remember Patra? Can you remember how you grooved to her tunes? I’ll remind you. The dance was always very sensual. It was either ‘the butterfly’ or any of it’s variants. The point is that we danced SEXY!

One might argue that the songs from that era were by far slower than most dance floor aimed songs released nowadays but I think that those old songs had more substance and that matters to me. I remember the feeling I used to get anytime “Shy guy” was played in a party. It was more than the catchy chorus, the verses were drop dead sexy. The beat got you grooving with an absolute stranger in ways that might offend their better halves. But in all that, it was still about having fun.

With the exception of Gyptian’s smash hit, most party songs have either had idiotic content best suited for retards(insert Soljaboi and niko gravity here) or the tempo of the song would have triggered a heart attack. Big ups to Kas, Wizkid and Tuface(I liked implication but I’m in love with only me) for bringing the tempo down a bit. Kas came with a mega hit, although he said absolutely nothing in it. Wizkid proved that a club hit didn’t have to sound like Terry G.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve made little mention of foreign songs. The truth is that the Americans are not making quality music right now, Smh. I pray they find their way back to the dance floors soon.

Back to sexy. Now, what a song does to you is it either turns you to a retard(alanta) or a workout instructor. If you are fortunate, then you’ll get to dance with someone who wouldn’t poke you in the eye in the name of “Yahooze”. Then a popular complain amongst ladies now is that they can’t dance with a guy and not expect their breasts and backsides to be senselessly assaulted. Where did all that come from. I’m not saying that rockers from back in the days were saintly, we just had more class. The music was better, the attitude was a whole lot more mature. In all, parties were grander. We danced on and had sex off the dance floor. Period!

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